Reset: A journey to finding self care in a hectic world

Tags: Design, Self Care, Development, Meditation, After Hours, Personal Growth
Self care is one of the most important and undervalued traits in the technology industry today. We often reward long hour and sleepless nights over clocking out and disconnecting at 5PM. Join me as we discover new and effective ways to introduce a little personal time in a hectic world and bring balance to our everyday life.

Presented By: Cody Moiseve

Product Designer at Self
HOWDY! I'M CODY MOISEVE AND I AM A PRODUCT DESIGNER & ILLUSTRATOR IN DENVER, CO AND LOS ANGELES, CA. Over the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects with some outstanding clients including Netflix, Lexus, Great American Beer Festival, Cisco and more. Currently I am a freelance product designer working with amazing partners across the globe. My passion is driven by my desire to dream bigger and risk more than I did the day before. Whether designing a brand or a new enterprise product, I bring excitement, creative brainstorming, leadership, and a little wit to everything I do. In addition to designing, I love to share my experiences through my blog as well as a podcast I co-host with Michael Dusing and Kyle Coberly.



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