The 5 developers I never want to work with again

Type: Full Talk
Tags: Anti Patterns, People, Assholes, Dopes
Development is a minefield of big shots, jerks, and jamokes. How do you steer clear of the saps-- and make sure that you're not being one yourself? By learning the signs. From the Weekend Commando to the Pharisee, we'll learn how to spot 5 different development jabronis in the wild. Most importantly, you'll learn some tricks for being less of a mark-ass buster and more of an ace.

Presented By: Kyle Coberly

Faculty Director at Galvanize
Kyle Coberly is an educator, web app developer, and business dork. He is the Faculty Director for Galvanize's web development program, organizer for Denver's Ember.js meetup, and cohost of the Sprint UX podcast.



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